Nesting Apple Box (Full, Half, Quarter, Pancake)
Nesting Apple Box (Full, Half, Quarter, Pancake)

Nesting Apple Box (Full, Half, Quarter, Pancake)

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Our Nesting Apple Box is manufactured so that one Half Apple Box, one Quarter Apple Box, and one Pancake Apple Box nest within an industry standard sized Full Apple Box. The three smaller sizes in this set are slightly smaller than industry standard in order for them to nest properly inside the Full Apple Box. The smaller boxes are accessed via a specially designed pull off side panel, which utilizes two static bottom pins and two upper bullet catches, that hold the panel shut but also allows for quick removal.

We manufacture our standard apple boxes using domestic birch for the frames and Baltic birch for the tops and bottoms. The frame, including the center support, are CNC cut to ensure dimensional accuracy. The top and bottom are then glued and nailed to the frame for ultimate sturdiness and longevity. The box is then sanded to provide a clean natural finish with smooth rounded corners and edges. Please note that because the smaller boxes fit within the Full Apple Box, it does not contain the center support that is a standard with all of our other boxes.

Apple boxes have multiple applications, and at times can be the most versatile and useful pieces of equipment, both on location and in the studio. They can be used for anything that needs to be propped up or supported temporarily. They can be used to level stands, dolly track, and more. They can be stood on to make an actor look taller or by a grip that can reach the top shelf. Best of all, make sure to add one of our apple box seat covers to this order to create the most comfortable seat at your next shoot.


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