GripBlue Blue Painters Tape 1.88-inchx60yd
GripBlue Blue Painters Tape 1.88-inchx60yd

GripBlue Blue Painters Tape 1.88-inchx60yd

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  • Clean and Sharp Paint Lines: Our blue painter’s tape prevents paint bleeding and delivers crisp and sharp paint lines. Masking tape features with-to-with adhesive lamination that seals the masked area eliminating any ridges and residue along the paint line upon removal. Exceeds leading brands for paint sealing making it your ideal choice for paint tape for a job that requires sharp, intricate, and seamless paint design.
  • Residue-Free and Surface-Safe - LAB TESTED! GripBlue painters tape 2 inch wide remains gentle to even the most delicate surfaces like wood, drywall, paper and cardboard. Blue paint tape has been lab tested and proven to outperform leading brands for residue-free removal even after a prolonged period of time. Paint tape will not leave any sticky or gooey residue and will not damage the surface upon removal.
  • Strong Adhesion, yet Easy to Manage: Perfect balance is key when it comes to masking tape, and GripBlue has it! With our special formula this blue painter's masking tape offers pressure-sensitive adhesive that allows you to easily unwind the paint tape from the roll, easily tear off without any tools, and will only stick once you press it down, sticking firmly to the intended surface offering professional grade results.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Applications: GripBlue painting tape will stick and perform well, even under prolonged exposure to elevated temperature, UV, and moisture. Our blue tape is trusted and used by professionals and contractors across the country.
  • Multi-Purpose Tape for Any Project: This multi-purpose blue-painter's tape will stick to smooth and textured surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic, concrete, drywall, wood, aluminum, trim, textured walls, and polycarbonate. Other uses include floor marking for social distancing or queue lines, labeling, crafts, and décor, as well as light-duty repairs. Perfect masking tape for painting and other projects!

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